Midlife is here and all of a sudden you are thinking...now what?

Has a life cycle event (empty nest, renesting, divorce, widowhood) thrown you for a curve and you are not sure how to move forward?

Are you scared that there is nothing else?

What is keeping you up at night?

Is the feeling of ambivalence overwhelming you...you know there is more but don't know how to break through?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you wondering how to transform, become empowered so you can move on?

Are you looking at yourself in the mirror asking "how did I get here?"  You still see the teenager in you and yet you don't feel that excited anticipation felt back then.  You want it back...

You know there is something more yet you feel "old".  Ambivalence has made you feel that there is no more out there for you but yet there is that nagging feeling there is something really special for you to accomplish...

There are things you want to accomplish, things you put aside years ago to raise your children and/or pursue a career and now is the time to dust them off, revisit them and try them on for size.  Are you afraid of getting started?

What do you want your midlife to be about?

Take a deep breath, exhale and allow yourself to see yourself a year from now.  What is the one thing you want to be doing this year that you have talked about, dreamed about, thought about and have not accomplished?  What will it take for you to make that one thing a reality?:

Let's be honest...transforming oneself is hard and often we get stuck and secretly hope that if we go back to where we came life will be different.  Yet we understand very deeply that going back will be more of the same; that which we don't desire.

Are you ready to start exploring more clearly where you are today and where you want to be in 6 months?  Great...then let's start the process together! You have nothing to lose by starting the conversation...

What is the your next step?  Let's Have a Breakthrough Strategy Session so you can start to identify what it is you want for your midlife chapter.

Here is what will happen in our 60 minute session:

You will begin to gain clarity on what it is you desire for this midlife chapter

Your map of how to accomplish your goals will start to be developed

We will explore what is stopping you and start to break down thoughts that no longer serve

I have been there so I understand and can help.  Together we will start the process of helping you identify what you want your inspired midlife to be.